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9 grid teabag organizer

Original price was: KShs2,500.00.Current price is: KShs2,300.00.

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­čöůStorage box with visible lid: stylish retro-style tea box, external transparent skylight, 9 grid design, easy to sort and tidy. Make your tea and dried goods fresher.
­čöůSafe material: Made of high-hardness natural wood, strong and compact structure, durable. Healthy and ecologically adaptable materials are more environmentally friendly and friendly to the environment.
­čöůRetro style: simple and beautiful box, sturdy and compact structure, durable. Protect the coffee from dust and display it beautifully. Make it look decent and pleasing to the eye.
­čöůMultifunctional storage box, which can store all kinds of small objects, suitable for all household needs. It can be used to store tea, dried flowers and other items, used to organize tea bags, sugar bags, sweeteners, etc., and can also be used as home furnishings and decorations.

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