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Expandable Magic Hose pipe


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The Expandable Magic Hose pipe is a versatile and convenient watering solution for your garden or outdoor spaces. It is designed to expand and contract automatically, making it easy to use and store. Here are the details and prices for different lengths:

  1. 30M Expandable Magic Hose Pipe: This hose pipe can extend up to 30 meters in length. It is available in both green and blue colors and is priced at
  2. 45M Expandable Magic Hose Pipe: If you need a longer reach, the 45-meter hose pipe is a great option. It provides extra length for larger gardens or outdoor areas. It is also available in green and blue and is priced at
  3. 60M Expandable Magic Hose Pipe: For those who require maximum coverage, the 60-meter hose pipe is the ideal choice. With its extended reach, you can easily water plants in larger gardens or hard-to-reach areas. Similar to the others, it is available in green and blue and is priced at

The Expandable Magic Hose pipe is known for its durability, flexibility, and ease of use. Its expandable design allows it to expand when water flows through it and contract when the water is turned off, making it compact and easy to store. It also comes with a variety of attachments and a spray gun, allowing you to choose different watering modes depending on your needs.

Please note that prices and availability may vary, so it’s always a good idea to check with the seller or retailer for the most up-to-date information.

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