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Led Desk/bedside Lamp

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  1. USB Port: The lamp comes with a USB port, allowing you to conveniently charge your devices such as smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered gadgets.
  2. 3 Modes: The lamp offers three lighting modes to suit different needs and preferences. These modes may include warm white light for a cozy ambiance, cool white light for a brighter illumination, and possibly a natural light mode.
  3. 360-Degree Rotation: The lamp has a rotating base that enables a 360-degree rotation, allowing you to adjust the light direction and coverage as desired.
  4. Flexible Stand: The lamp features a flexible stand that allows you to adjust the angle and position of the light. This flexibility makes it easier to direct the light precisely where you need it.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Use: The lamp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, providing lighting solutions for various settings, such as desks, bedside tables, outdoor gatherings, and more.

The LED desk/bedside lamp with the mentioned features offers functionality and flexibility. The USB port provides convenient device charging, while the various lighting modes and adjustable stand enhance versatility. Its ability to rotate 360 degrees allows you to customize the lighting direction, making it suitable for different activities and settings.

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